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April 4th’s poem

We know it is time, for sweetness and summer bliss, when the growling grumble of the machine changes its pitch, and stops. Eagerly we hold out bowls. Our spoons dipping in, heavy with the chill of summer's bounty. Cream, fruit, sugar, and joy. Inspired via Daily Prompt: Churn and the Day 4 Prompt at NaPoWriMo

Ice Cream

Awesome Experimental Flavors!

Last week I tackled some new flavors I'd never eaten before, much less tried making! Inspired by flipping through Spice Dreams, I made a Mango Sorbet with cinnamon and cumin. It was surprisingly good! I knew mango sorbet would be delicious, but adding in the spices gave the flavor such a fun, tingly dimension. The… Continue reading Awesome Experimental Flavors!