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Weekly Link Round-Up Feb 24-Mar 2

Sheesh y'all, this has been a crazy busy week. Oof. Amongst all the chaos here are a few links that sparked some thoughts this week. Collaborating with Kindergarteners Made my High Schoolers Better Writers: I am a big proponent of older and younger students learning together. Not just in a "older kids mentor the younger"… Continue reading Weekly Link Round-Up Feb 24-Mar 2

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Weekly Link Round-up 17-23

A very eclectic set of links this week: two frivolous, one not. This isn't to shame things that we do "just for fun." Fun is important, joy is critical. So is thinking deeper and looking at the world from unexpected angles. A fun set of homebrew D&D 5th ed rules for mini owlbear PCs: Speaking… Continue reading Weekly Link Round-up 17-23