Oh, the places I’d go!

(Inspired by a few other doggie daydreams about self-driving cars! :) ) Buttercup on the Road Where do they go? Where do they go? My two humans are always leaving, always rushing to and fro. Are they going somewhere fun? Somewhere full of food and treats? Somewhere to dig and play and run? Today I'm… Continue reading Oh, the places I’d go!

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Neighborly Linkity

I've been expanding my blog reading to keep up with the Blogging 101 advice. Here are a few that have caught my eye lately! ¬†Sincerely, Hil has some awesome¬†re-affirming thoughts on following one's own path. The Sometimes Stellar Storyteller writes about the itch to write no matter what. Coming Home features a lovely set of… Continue reading Neighborly Linkity