Ice Cream

I love to make ice cream! It’s my favorite food for summer, fall, winter, or spring. I find recipes online, in books and sometimes I just make them up on my own. I try to make my recipes with local ingredients, as organic as possible without breaking the bank.

I also love the challenge of catering to friends and family who have specific dietary restrictions. Whether that’s the paleo diet, dairy free, vegan or low-sugar I love figuring out how to let anyone, and everyone, enjoy frozen desserts.

(What is my favorite flavor? It is so difficult to choose, I can’t really pick just one!)

People ask me how many flavors I have made. Too many to count by now! This list includes all the recipes I’ve posted online so far:

Ice Cream Sorbet (Non-dairy)
Mint Chocolate Chip Blue Raspberry
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cherry Coconut Sorbet
Yerba Mate

3 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. When I click on an ice-cream flavor it tells me doesn’t exist. As an aside, I made homemade ice cream for the first time ever this year. We did the plastic bag method and used fresh mint from the garden. It was officially the best mint chocolate chip I ever had. Do you have a recommendation for an ice cream maker?

  2. Oh shoot, I forgot to update the links after I switched domains! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll fix that this week.

    I definitely have ice cream maker recommendations! :)
    If you’re looking for something not-too-expensive that does the job for home use, Cuisinart has a cute little model:

    Now, that machine requires that you freeze the mixing canister for ~8 hours before use. If you want something with its own compressor and can just be ready for ice cream at the drop of a hat, you have a couple good options. I recommend either another Cuisinart model (, or a machine called the Whynter Sno ( Apparently the Whynter Sno has been discontinued but I’m sure other Whynter models are great, too.

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