About Kelly

Is it possible to have too many hobbies?
I ask myself this frequently and I usually come up with the answer of: no!

I am a geeky nature lover who is passionate about creating. On any given week that ranges from needle felting, to baking bread, to growing medicinal plants in my garden. I am also a teacher and I feel the itch to share my knowledge and experiences with the world.

My inspirations in life come from a variety of sources including Ursula K. LeGuin, Charles Darwin, Rachel Carson and Steve Irwin. Accordingly, if I ever do meet an alien I will likely jump on it, exclaim about how beautiful it is, and then write lengthy, accurate books about its biology and society.

Currently, I am enjoying adventuring in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My previous excursions have included exploring the Galapagos Islands, hiking 1,000 miles in the Appalachian mountains, working on a ranch in Montana’s Paradise Valley, studying wetlands in Iowa, braving swarms of mosquitoes on the barrier islands of the Chesapeake Bay and living in the North Cascades National Park.

I hope this blog inspires you to investigate a new place, try a new food, or create something new!

If you want to contact me the best way is by email or by leaving a comment on any of the posts or pages here.

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