May gardening

This past Mother’s Day I woke up early and left kid&husband to sleep in. I headed over to my pea patch plot to get some serious work done!

Before: weeds & untamed herbs

Naturally, I did a ton of weeding (still in progress). Other accomplishments included fighting back my aggressive sage plant and getting an artichoke start in the ground. I’m continually impressed with how lush my sage plant gets. I don’t need it taking over and covering up my spinach, though. I planted the artichoke next to the rhubarb. That way the two big plants can duke it out and leave the others alone.


I was also pleased to see that the potatoes I planted are already sending up stalks. I’ll have to heap more compost on them!

Strawberry planters and potatoes
Spinach (planter will soon have strawberries in it)

Still not done weeding. Next weekend I’ll finish that, plant some beans with the trellis, and hopefully get some tomato plants in the ground!

After: space for tasty veggies

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