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April 30th’s poem

The last of my NaPoWriMo poems! I’m feeling very accomplished that I actually managed to complete the 30 poems this year. This has helped me cement my determination to get better at writing poetry. It’s a great jumpstart to that. Plus, it’s felt really good to write poems again. I hadn’t realized just how meaningful and enjoyable the act of writing poetry was for me. ❤

Tourists gawk and stare

at the majesty of the waterfall.

The crash and roar of the water,

is no mere spectacle, however.

Unacknowledged amongst the selfies,

and the vacation souvenirs

is the violent clash

between water and stone.

Over the years and millennia they battle,

drop by thundering drop.

The iron will of the earth,

the swell of rainand snowmelt.

Onward over time

as the canyon deepens.


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