Spring Garden Update

In the “better late than never” category, this morning I finally got over to my pea patch garden for the first time this year. Usually I start gardening in early March, there’s just been a lot going on and a lot of super cold/rainy weekends.

At the start of my work today

There are a ton of weeds but, thankfully, most are Miner’s Lettuce (as seen in the featured image for this post). It’s a wild PNW edible that I planted two of a couple summers ago. It’s pretty tasty! Now it’s the dominant weed in the spring. It has really shallow roots, though, so it’s easy to pull. I consider myself lucky to really only have to deal with it instead of something else (like dandelions). Plus, I keep some around to eat in salads!

I didn’t have enough time to get everything done. However, now that daylight is lengthening I can start getting over to my garden after work. That’ll be a great help!

After some weeding, and propping up my gigantic broccoli plant.

Thus far I’m planning to plant more greens, peas, more strawberries, and probably green beans. I really really want to grow sunflowers but I’ve had such poor luck. Every year either the birds get the seeds or the slugs eat the starts. I’m going to try to figure out how to outsmart the wildlife this year.

Hey, readers! What are you growing in your gardens this year?


2 thoughts on “Spring Garden Update

  1. Just call that miner’s lettuce an edible cover crop rather than a weed, and everyone will be impressed that you have such a green thumb!

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