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The Varied Thrush is on the Phone

This morning I had 20 minutes of time to kill. So my kiddo and I walked around an empty park for a while. The birdsong was wondrous, and baby got super excited to see two rabbits hopping by. It prompted me to depart from my haiku trend for my second poem of the month. If only I had a photo of the lovely birds that serenaded us!

Like a telephone ringing,

off in the deepness of the forest,

sings the Varied Thrush.

Dripping boughs, spring greens,

the dark wet earth

sets the orange of its bright vest

apart from ordinary birds.

But phones that ring

like the song of the thrush

are becoming an endangered species.

Phones now ring with voices,

music, top 10 hits.

The long, echoing tones

of the telephone ring will likely

soon be extinct.

Outlived by the thrushes in the woods,

notes sounding sweetly in the spring.

Answer their call.


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