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The last four days have been amazing! I can’t get over the sheer amount of overwhelming things here, but it’s all turning out to be wonderful.

Neither my husband nor I know Japanese. We’ve been using a phrase book to communicate and Google Translate to read signs. Fortunately, Tokyo is surprisingly chock full of signs in either English or, at least, words written in romaji. This is making it pretty easy to navigate the train and subway systems.

I am wishing I knew how to speak more Japanese. While we’re getting by in terms of travel, we’re missing out on the joy of conversing with the people that live here. Next time. Because there will be a next time. We’re almost halfway done with the trip and we’ve barely scratched the surface. So for next time I’ll keep working on better learning the language.

We’ve been exploring various places in Tokyo: the Akihabara electronics/otaku district, Ueno Park, Harajuku, the Meiji Shrine. It’s been so much fun, I can barely find the words in the midst of it all. So here are some photos! :-)


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