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Hibernating/Stretching my wings

crochet afgahan 2-2016
Single, Double, Single, Double, Single, Double, etc. etc.

This winter has been long stretches of “don’t wanna” doldrums combined with sudden bursts of excitement and adventure. The lack of snow has been deeply felt, and I haven’t even been able to go visit it in the mountains. I hope to go snowshoeing before the vernal equinox but I guess we’ll see.

A few things of note that have been going on:
– Started a board game blog with my husband: Late Night Reviews.
– I’ve finally managed to clean off my crafting desk and I’m working on a few projects.
– My new crochet project is an afghan, it’s slow work but neat.
– With Buttercup’s help I’ve started jogging a bit. Woo, exercise!
– We got a 3D printer! We’ve been printing others’ designs found around the internet but I have designs of my own in the works.
– Oh yeah, I did NaNoWriMo in November and successfully wrote ~50,000 words of a YA fantasy novel! :)

Now it’s past Groundhog Day and spring is supposed to be arriving soon. I have the seed catalogs highlighted to prove it.

My travel journal title page! Layered tracing paper.

The biggest thing going on right now though is that my husband and I are taking a trip (delayed honeymoon) to Japan! In less than a week! Planning and saving for it has truly been one of the major things on my mind all winter. It is his first time out of the U.S. and my first time travelling to a country where I didn’t know the language already. Be prepared for blog entries while we’re travelling, although it may just be a photo dump until I can come home and type longer things.


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