Garden Progress

2015-07-26 14.38.37
Summer is scorching right along, making it a big challenge to take care of my pea patch. I try to go by in the mornings or evenings to water but it only does so much. I gave up on growing lettuce and spinach this year because everything was either bolting or wilting. My cucumber starts refused to grow any bigger and my basil won’t stop blooming. They all think they’re dying.
2015-08-01 13.35.38
On the plus side, the gourds I planted are doing wonderfully. They are spreading out on the trellis I set up (and other plants in the garden) and have the most enchanting papery white flowers. The flowers have begun to transform into tiny gourds. It’s really exciting. I still don’t know what I’ll do with them but images of birdhouses are perched in my head.

The other plant that is outright flourishing right now is corn! This is the first year I’ve grown corn and I’m really excited. It’s even Glass Gem corn so I am eagerly anticipating its gorgeous ears!

2015-07-26 20.02.57


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