Tending the blog garden

2015-07-27 16.18.00Moving forward with blogging, I’m going to try to see my blog/website like a garden. Just as I have to make special trips to tend and water my pea patch garden, so to will I have to give this blog some special attention.

In many ways this blog is like my garden plot: public yet private. By putting my words and art out on the internet I have the risk of all kinds of undesirable critters coming by and pilfering them. Like hungry slugs, individuals with no backbones and potty mouths might slink their way around. I also have the risk of being judged and “tsk tsk”ed by those with showier, more productive, gardens.

So why bother? Why not just wait until I have the perfect little fenced-in garden where I can control Every Single Thing? First off, because there’s no such thing as “perfection” and “total control”. Second, because I feel strongly that a good garden is part of the ecosystem where it grows. The rabbits, bees, butterflies, and slugs are all a part of the mix. If I shut off my ideas and creativity, I’d never get to look eye-to-eye with the hummingbirds of the internet. I’d never get to have my blooming thoughts pollinated by those of others.

I hope that rejuvenating this blog will help myself as well as others. I want to share my experiences with artwork, poetry, gardening, crafts, sewing, cooking, hiking, reading, etc. etc. While I love my hobbies, I love getting to hang out with others and share those hobbies. I hope in that way I can be a resource to others interested in the same things. I also think this blog will help me, in that it will help me hold myself accountable for continuing to be creative. It is too easy to follow the path of least resistance and let my hobbies languish. I hope this blog will help me be better at sticking with the things that enrich my life and keep me happy.

(This is the first in a series for a Blogging 101 course I’m taking through the Blogging University. I felt that my blog was being neglected and under-utilized so I wanted to see if I could give it a little oomph! I hope you enjoy what this blog grows into!)


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