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Late Winter

Early morning over Lake Sammamish, looking north to Mt. Baker.
Early morning over Lake Sammamish, looking north to Mt. Baker.

February can sometimes drag on and feel daunting. This year the mild winter is making it way more tolerable. I am enjoying our random sunny days, especially for the views of the mountains. Sadly I have not been able to visit the snowy mountains at all this winter but things have been busy. I get up to Cougar Mountain pretty frequently. Not snowy, but a beautiful mountain nonetheless.

2015-02-18 13.16.31
Excitement at exploring a beach for the first time

One joy from the winter, though, is that I have gotten to do some adventuring and wandering closer to home. It may not be the mountains but every weekend we’ve taken the pup out on a long walk somewhere. Some days it is somewhere at a neighborhood park. This past week we went up to Padilla Bay to do some birding and took the corgi along. It gave us the chance to introduce her to the concept of a beach and waves. She loved it! She loved chasing waves and digging in the sand.

Of course on cold days it is also nice to work on indoor projects. Today I made poppy-seed rolls from the amazing How To Cook A Perfect Day by Nikki McClure. Her papercutting artwork is whimsical and inspiring, the recipes delightful. The poppy-seed rolls turned out lovely. I used a fresh new jar of yeast, just opened it today. It always delights me at the difference in speed and texture fresh yeast can cause.

2015-02-20 20.54.40
Poppyseed Rolls



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