R.I.P my comic reading list?

Well, yesterday Marvel announced all the huge big changes coming down the line this year. My take away from it all: 2015 is going to be the year all my favorite characters go away.

Sure, I know I am being pessimistic but if all Marvel lines are going to come together to destroy each other Mad-Max style … who knows which characters will survive. This is a complete reboot of the Marvel universe and it makes me sad. What about all the amazing characters they’ve introduced lately that myself (and many other fans) have come to know and love? Especially the groundbreaking, wonderful new strides in diversity in comics!

What about Miles Morales, our black Spiderman?
What about Kamala Khan, our Muslim Ms. Marvel?
What about our new black Captain America?
What about our new female Thor?

Even with some of the longer-running characters I’ll be biting my nails to see what happens to them. The X-men, the Inhumans (and Agents of SHIELD had just made them a thing again!), Deadpool, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Seriously, these are important questions. What about the diversity? What about the fan favorites? Will there still be a talking raccoon and a giant tree in the new Marvel universe?

I’m trusting you, Marvel. Don’t let us down.


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