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Next Batch of Poems

Here is the next batch of belated poems. The end of the month is so very close!


I brace myself before I even
open the door:
against the chill that seeps in
at every point,
no matter how I try.
Stepping out into winter,
bundled up,
huddling into my layers.
Chill air perfectly clear,
yet tempting hibernation.

This morning, though,
I gathered all my reinforcements.
Marshaling scarves and hats.
Arraying against the cold,
all my best garments.

I opened the way and then stopped still.
My heart soared and lept,
against all sense and will.
I caught the smell, I felt the rain.
My nose and soul breathed
a promise green.

In my mind I know that many months,
stretch along before spring is seen.
But that first breath of rain’s return,
made the winter freeze, redeemed.

Girls in Coats

She threw the branch into the fire.
A brief spark and crackle in the cold air,
as she wished that her parents,
would just get along.
I had known her only three days,
and would never see her again,
after she returned to school.

We’d buy extra layers,
coats, gloves.
We never knew how prepared
a given student might be,
for wild weather.

Another school, another winter.
She pulled them from what seemed
like thin air.
Coat hook, cubby,
by the time she retrieved them all
there were six coats.
“I’m carrying around a closet!”
she giggled.

Every day she fights with me,
refusing her friends,
lashing out with cold, hard words.
Bundled up in her North Face fleece
and Patagonia down.
None of it armor enough against her pain.
We never know how prepared
a given student might be,
for real life.


The season is aptly named.
The skies fill with cascades of color.
Sidewalks, gutters,
wear the season’s pride
just as much as the trees.

Yet it is somehow jarring
to wake up after that one, blustery night
to discover
all the branches,
bare of their wealth.


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