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Belated poetry and a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so bad at being a blogger! ;-p
I get so wrapped up in the doing and the day job that I forget to blog about the things I am creating and doing.

I have a back-log of poems from the month and I’ll be posting them a handful a day as the month wraps up. Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

Fall Leaves

They danced before,
me crowding and tumbling like
fall’s joyful children.


Whir of wings,
drum of heart,
flashes of color
in winter’s early morn.

I don’t think of November as
full of flowers
or color.

But against the grey,
one creature’s spark depends
on that hope
of color.

New Snow

First leaves of fall show
subtly, but mountains’ first
change is swift, pure white.


They are hand-painted,
delicate lines I first sketched,
then covered over with carefully
mixed tints and hues
of my affection.

It felt tedious at times.
The same shape over
and over.
Variations trickle through,
no matter what.
It is the fun of minute detail,
that pushes my brush across paper,
for you all.
Each is different,
as are all of you.
My life is forever imprinted by
the lines of your lives.
May your colors always stay true.


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