November 3rd&4th Poems

For my third poem of the month I wanted to try some “found” poetry based on what I experience and overhear each day working with 4th graders. I hope it is as humorous to others as it is to me. :-p

A Day in the 4th Grade

The best part of a weekend can be getting chased by a big dog.
Studying vocabulary, we learn that pumpkin juice
smells terrible.
Innovation: a new way to take fingerprints,
just color your fingers with markers.
“Inspect is when you find out about it and put them in jail”.
“We both cheated to get our Yahtzees,
we’ll stop
by you can cheat,
until you get one.”

“Are you okay?”
“Yes, I just ran all the way
to deliver candy.”

My desk a sea of papers,
24 squishy rubber rats,
and last year’s whales.
Cleaning sharpie off of eyeglasses,
teaching this times this plus that.

The Snicker’s Galaxy.
The Cupboard Under the Stairs.
Morning Circle.
Closing Circle.
“Where do you work?”
“I told you, I work everywhere.”

The forth poem I just did a haiku. I find them really enjoyable and challenging.

Planet Earth
Stardust in our heads,
carbon, hydrogen shape us.
Galaxies of souls.


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