5th & 6th Poems


November is
not your doormat.
So kindly remove your winter boots!
Don’t smudge your snowy
12 days of Christmas
all over our 30 days of November.

There are fall leaves,
decked out in oranges, reds, yellows, and browns!
None of those evergreens and
holly berries.
Coniferous trees need not apply,
until after the
blows away on the autumn gusts.

November is a grateful month,
maybe too kind,
too forgiving.
It let’s you trample all over
its goodwill and giving.
A feast for all,
glowing warm lights of hearth and home.
Surrounding us with our families,
showing us the bounty of what we already have.

So get out of here with Black Friday and
White Christmas!
We don’t care about what we don’t have,
what we’re supposed to want,
what we’re tricked into needing.
November says:
We have enough
We have so much!
Let’s gather together and share.

This poem was inspired by the rampant over-commercialization of Christmas. On Halloween my fiance and I went to the grocery store and they were already putting up Christmas decorations. I feel kind of sad for the month of November. It has so much great stuff and it gets ignored by December’s claim to fame.


Standing alone by
the bus stop it grows. Where to
little brave mushroom?

I can’t get enough of haiku. I saw a mushroom growing by the bus stop, a short little poem for a short little organism.


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