Crochet first attempt!

Since I got into needle felting, and thus started playing around with luscious fiber, I’ve been uncertain about delving into the more involved fiber arts: spinning, dyeing, knitting, and crochet. I have friends that do all of the above and more with fiber arts (none that own their own fiber animals… yet). They have all graciously offered to teach me their crafts. I’ve been hesitant, I don’t need another hobby to neglect. However, I do love making things, and I do love all the colors and possibilities of yarn and wool.

A couple weeks ago I went to Fiber Fusion Northwest with one of my friends, and I really enjoyed the demos and sights. I decided to give crochet a shot. I bought a crochet hook and some yarn and came home to experiment. After fussing around with trying some basic stitches, I decided to try my first project. Since the way I seem to learn things is to pick something and just learn as I go, I picked this infinity scarf as my first try. Upon retrospect it may have been a bit tricky for a first project. But it was fun and I finished it today! :)

2014-11-01 23.01.50 2014-11-01 23.01.57

It’s not perfect, but I’m incredibly satisfied with it for a first try. I did something weird at the beginning that caused it to twist on itself but now I know. Overall it took me about a week to finish, working on and off during after-work time and during my sick days.

2014-11-01 23.02.31


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