Re-centering via corgi

Happy end-of-summer basil

Well, it’s been a long time since I posted here last. So many things were going on this summer, so many amazing things that I just hadn’t had the time to even blog about it. My business has flourished, my garden has flourished, and my family has gained a new addition. My fiancé and I got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy in September. She’s an adorable, playful, intelligent troublemaker.

Having a small creature who is completely dependent on you and needs your guidance is definitely a life-changer. Sure, we have cats, too, we’re not new to pets. And I’m a teacher so I’m not unfamiliar with the challenges of herding and educating unpredictable curious beings. Getting the puppy really shifted things, though.

Waking up at night to take her out to use the bathroom, no matter the weather, no matter the hour gives me a peek into the struggles that raising a newborn will bring. It’s changed my relationship with time and waking up, too. It used to be that I would reluctantly drag myself out of bed at 6 am, feeling groggy and shuffle around. Getting up earlier than that, or in the middle of the night, is now the norm. Now I wake up knowing I need to be functional, so I am. Now I do more before sunrise each day than I usually do in an hour of after-work time. Take the dog out (sometimes more than once), feed the dog, take care of the cats’ food and water, feed myself, clean up the kitchen, start the next round of laundry, get ready for the day, de-clutter a bit, and sneak in some reading.

It’s not that I love being awake so early. It’s simply that if the dog’s bladder needs to go at 5am and 7am, and I leave for work at 7:15, I might as well wake up a bit before five and just do some stuff between dog trips.

I certainly get tired, too. It’s not like I somehow developed superhuman abilities not to need sleep (unfortunately). Which has given me a stronger reason to schedule my evenings better and get to bed on time. Which has all kinds of benefits so far.

So here I am in October, way behind in my writing and drawing but I’m really loving how my life is going right now. My goals for the fall will continue to evolve, and I’m really happy about the serendipitous productivity benefits of getting a puppy.

The puppy, helping me read.

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