I (heart) Art!

Valentine's foxie
Valentine’s foxie

Every year I plan on making Valentine’s Day cards for my family and my students. Most years that falls pretty short of my goal. This year I briefly entertained the idea but decided I didn’t have the time or the resources. Then, the evening of the 13th, my boyfriend lamented he had not bought cards for his team at work. So I rummaged around my craft supplies and banged out a few cute cards for his co-workers. I thought they were adorable but a bit less complex or interesting than I’d usually make (I used purchased stamps instead of making my own). However, they were a big hit with his co-workers. It just goes to show how little most artists can really judge the likability of their work (or, at least, how little I’m capable of judging my own artwork).

Most of the creative endeavors that I’ve been working on this week have been casual sketches on the Boogie Board. A few saved for posterity, others done for practice and relaxation.

I’ve been trying out some more needle felting experiments, too. Yesterday I started making a unicorn! It’s still not quite finished yet. I’m going to add some embellishments (like eyes and a mane) and tweak the legs a bit so they look more like horse legs and not just random appendages. I think I’m really getting the hang of this whole needle felting thing.

Outdoors time had been limited last week/this weekend due to high wind and tons of cold rain. This coming week is our school’s Mid-Winter Break, though, so I am hoping to get outside more. We’ll see, I guess. I’m such a wimp in bad weather conditions.


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