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Things Get Busy

This time of year is deceptive. I keep wanting winter months to be a satisfying mix of quiet, snuggly introspection combined with romping around outdoors in the snow. However, what usually happens is suddenly I have a ton of things on my plate that have to get taken care of while, in the meantime, my body starts to rebel against the cold temperatures and lack of daylight/sunlight. I don’t know whether it is Seasonal Affective Disorder officially or not but I certainly feel more moody and grumpy in January/February.

Amongst all the busy, crazy, deadline-approaching stuff recently I have managed to get bits and bobs of satisfying creative/outdoorsy things done. Not nearly as much as I would like but I think I’m staying afloat.

  • First, I sold my first painting on Etsy; which is rather cool. It reinforces my desire to do more artwork and get it out there to be seen and enjoyed. Plus, getting paid for something I enjoy isn’t shabby!
  • I have been reading more about needle felting and have begun incorporating it into some of my other craft projects. Like stuffed animals (in progress): 2014-02-09 18.45.21
  • Today I had been hoping to go snowshoeing down at Mt. Rainier. Amusingly enough though, it snowed so much last night throughout the Puget Sound region that the National Park had to close the road. Due to snow I could not go snowshoeing. However, I did wander around the neighborhood and enjoy snow-tromping.

2014-02-09 12.02.05

Hazel catkins, ready to bloom.

2014-02-09 11.37.12

Bare branches, curving towards the sky

2014-02-09 12.12.47

Teeny tiny tracks (most likely mouse?)


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