I love going to craft fairs. I love making crafts. Mostly my craftiness tends towards pencil or paint related mediums, venturing out occasionally to Sculpey/Fimo creations. Sometimes when I go to craft fairs I see things and I think “I could do that.” Often I acknowledge that while I could, I won’t bother to make time for it (or I acknowledge that I could not do it with the same kind of skill!).

Lately I’ve become intrigued by needle felting. After seeing some neat creations over the holiday craft fair season, and watching a bunch of videos on YouTube, I’m hooked. Today I made my first foray out to the yarn store and nabbed some supplies and books. Knitting has always called to me because of the lovely amount of potential colors and textures of the creations. I’ve never felt ambitious enough to learn to knit but needle felting already seems so rewarding in terms of pure, colorful, fuzzy fiber joy.

This week I’ll try turning some of my beautiful purchases into cute objects.IMG_20140105_214552


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