New Year, Same Me

The past couple of Januarys I’ve tried various ways of having resolutions. I tried the “Plan it Out Month by Month with Variable Ratings and Goal rotation” system. I tried the “Pick Three Main Things and Make Tangible Goals for them” plan. Both of these worked in the general sense but I did not, technically, succeed at the things I actually resolved to do.

Since my attempts at obsessively organizing my resolutions flopped I’m doing things differently this year. My “resolution” is to keep doing things that I enjoy and making more time in my life for the things that really inspire and delight me. The two general categories I want to make more space in my life are my artwork and going outdoors. These are things I love, love, love! However, I had not been letting myself make them high priorities. This year I want to bump up their place on my priority list.

I’m not making a specific goal of days a week that I go outdoors or do artwork, I’m just going to let it happen. Each week may be different, or I might find a pattern that works. We’ll see. I’m focusing on low stress, more happiness.

A few of the inspirations I have on my bedside table this month:


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