Ice Cream

Awesome Experimental Flavors!

Last week I tackled some new flavors I’d never eaten before, much less tried making!

Inspired by flipping through Spice Dreams, I made a Mango Sorbet with cinnamon and cumin. It was surprisingly good! I knew mango sorbet would be delicious, but adding in the spices gave the flavor such a fun, tingly dimension.

The next flavor I made was one suggested to me by my partner. He’s been thinking up a lot of off-the-wall ideas and we’ve been trying to figure out how to make them happen. So we tried making an Almond Cayenne Ice Cream. The almond flavor I achieved by using almond extract and it was the dominant flavor in the ice cream. Then, as almost an aftertaste, was the cayenne. It was really cool complimentary flavor: sweet and cool, then spicy hot! I let a bunch of folks taste-test it (they went through the whole quart!) and they said the amount of spice was perfect. I think next time I may use some almond milk instead of all the cream, though, and see how that affects the almond-y flavor.

Our next wacky idea was to try a flavor from a nostalgic, childhood palette: Honey Nut Cheerios. I initially considered going a more artistic culinary route and using honey, nuts and maybe a bit of oats. However, my partner and I ultimately decided to just go with the true-to-form and use the actual cereal. The ingredients were simple: half&half, cheerios and sugar. I infused it, churned it up and it tasted like pure childhood breakfast. Amazing! This really opens the door to so many other fun flavor ideas. Lucky Charms! Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Frosted Flakes! It’s hard to decide what to make next!

I’ve always been planning on making my ice cream business be primarily based on local ingredients, with a desire to use as many natural or organic foods as possible. However, I think there are times when some exceptions can be made, like Honey Nut Cheerios Ice Cream. I want the flavors I make to be as fun, intriguing and delicious as possible. I am definitely not going to ditch my goal of making my ice cream dreams match my passion for saving the planet. Still, if someone wants a custom flavor of unhealthy over-sugared breakfast cereal, sure, why not? :)


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