Ice Cream

Heavy on the Chocolate

This past week I’ve ended up making not one, not two, not even three (!) but four chocolate ice creams. Not on purpose, mind you, but it just ended up happening that way.

First I used the blueberries to make a Chocolate Blueberry Ice cream. Then, I had been asked to make a chocolate ice cream using coconut milk instead of dairy. I used this recipe, tweaking it slightly to use agave instead of honey (amazingly enough I was out of honey). It was fantastic but didn’t make nearly enough, next time I will try to double the recipe for a full quart of ice cream. The coconut wasn’t too overwhelming a taste and the chocolate was a nice deep flavor.

Next up in the chocolatey craziness was Chocolate Bacon Ice cream. I know what you’re saying, you’re     saying “OMG! Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream!? Why do I not have a cone of it in front of me right now!” (Unless you’re a vegetarian/vegan, in which case I’ve probably just grossed you out. Sorry). I made up the recipe for this delightfully smoky and sweet ice cream by adapting the always amazing David Lebovitz’s recipe for Candied Bacon Ice cream. Candying bacon is a lot of fun and makes your home smell delicious. The ice cream itself is wonderfully silky and chocolaty with all the tasty bits of candied bacon.

Lastly in the line-up is a good old standard: Chocolate Peanut butter Ice cream. For this I used a recipe from (surprise, surprise) David Lebovitz’s book The Perfect Scoop. I find his recipes really approachable to read and enjoy, not to mention that the results are enjoyable to eat.

Oh yeah, and amongst all this I also made Coconut Ice cream, too. For this one I cobbled together my own recipe. I want to try it again and finesse some details before I post it online. It, too, however, was delicious.

And in case you’re worried, no I did not eat all of these myself! :) These are all gifts for friends that I sadly make, taste and then send away to be devoured elsewhere.


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