Ice Cream

Two Huckleberry Ice Cream Recipes

Since I have a plethora of frozen huckleberries and the warm weather is causing my ice cream stash to disappear fast, I am making a lot of huckleberry ice cream! Here are two variants I made recently (I'll be posting a 3rd soon, too!). Huckleberry-Chocolate Ice Cream (Makes 1 quart of ice cream) I love… Continue reading Two Huckleberry Ice Cream Recipes


Still working on website/blog maintenance

I'm slowly getting my old artwork uploaded and organized onto this website. My "day job" is keeping me preoccupied, unfortunately. As soon as I get all my old artwork transferred over to this website I'll begin adding in new artwork that I have been working on recently. My eventual goal is to use this as… Continue reading Still working on website/blog maintenance